Without getting political, it’s kind of a tough time to be a woman in America.
But now more than ever, women need to hear and tell each other’s stories. We want to listen to women talk about what they’re doing and how they’re changing their communities. We know it happens all over Pittsburgh, but women aren’t always recognized for their work.
They just do the work.
With the Broadcast Podcast, we’re hoping to amplify (literally) the voices of women who are doing that crucial work, of raising awareness, fighting inequality and otherwise changing the world. Podcasting is very dude-centric (especially here in our fair city), so there’s plenty of room for women to make strides.
And fortunately, we know a few awesome women…


Name Description
Episode 7: Sara Bauknecht Sara Bauknecht talks about the ways fashion influences culture
Episode 6: sarah huny young sarah huny young talks about her American Woman photo project
Episode 5: Vonda Wright Vonda Wright, orthopedic surgeon and speaker talks about her work to keep women healthy
Episode 4: Tara Sherry-Torres Tara talked with us about her work with Pittsburgh’s small but growing Latino population.
Episode 3: Kilolo Luckett Kilolo Luckett is an art historian, cultural producer and writer. When she brings visiting artists to Pittsburgh, she makes a point to take them to parts of the city most visitors don’t see
Episode 2: Leah Lizarondo Food activist Leah Lizarondo of 412 Food Rescue joins Kim and Natalie to talk about what it was like building an army of volunteers to help deliver discarded food to people in need.
Episode 1: Marta Mazzoni Kim and Natalie talk about podcasting, travel and the challenges for women finding their voices with guest Marta Mazzoni, host of Marta On The Move.