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Pittsburgh is a city in the midst of a renewal and rebirth. No longer the city of smokestacks and soot, it’s banking on a tech renaissance supported by its educational institutions. It’s not there yet, and not everyone is feeling the positive effects of this upheaval.

But as someone who came to Pittsburgh 18 years ago with no real plans for a long-term stay (ha), I know there are many stories to be told. My plan is to take things a bit slower and tell one story each week about a person or place that exemplifies this spirit of renewal, of rising from the ashes.

The phoenix seems to best represent this kind of deliberate, intentional and sometimes fiery change that Pittsburgh has endured over the past decades. With apologies to the city in Arizona, for me, the Phoenix will always be thenow-defunct alternative newspaper in Boston that did the kind of fearless journalism to which I have long aspired.

I hope to make this a collaboration, and plan to add multiple parts to each story, telling it from different angles, with audience participation.

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